Jul 29, 2020

6 days on the Nautilus Gallant Lady

The Northern Sea of Cortez is a real gem if you pick the right dive spots.

The abyssal depths rise out of the deep-water trench just south of San Pedro Martyr and this is where the best diving is. Sea lions in huge numbers, pandemic fish, sea turtles, its vibrant with life PLUS this is one of two mating grounds in the world for Humboldt squid. These squid are scary, they can be 6ft or longer and we will be attempting to dive with them for the first time in 2019 using acrylic surface cages at night under the lights of the ship. No promises but we’re going to do our best. Just watch out for their two longest tentacles which have rotating suckers and can pull a chunk of flesh that’s 2-3lbs. Getting in the water with the squid is optional. On this trip we will also visit Bahia de los Angles; a remote and very difficult to access bay which is home to the largest aggregation of whale sharks on the west coast of the Americas. Each year between 85-220 whale sharks visit this bay and will visit this bay. We will be getting in the water and snorkeling with them.

Trip Boards at 8:00 am on Jul 29, 2020 and Disembarks at 5:00 pm on Aug 03, 2020

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