May 11, 2019

16 days on the Nautilus Under Sea

This trip includes several days diving and exploring the very rarely visited Clarion Island.

The Revillagigedo (Socorro) Archipelago consists of 4 islands. San Benedicto, Socorro and Roca Partida are very close together and the islands that we commonly dive. Clarion is way out to the west and an overnight sail from Roca Partida. You can expect to see lots of bunny rabbits on shore (Seriously. We are not joking, the island is currently overrun with non-endemic bunny rabbits) and diving that is quite different than the other islands including pinnacles, white sand bottom with caves in places, black tip reef sharks and the same cast of animals that we see in the other islands.

Trip Boards at 8:00 pm on May 11, 2019 and Disembarks at 8:30 am on May 26, 2019

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